Ca'Rainene® Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil from Lake Garda | Paolo Bonomelli Olive Farm.



The olives from which we extract our extra virgin olive oils come from our olive trees, which are passionately cultivated under the absolute control of our farm and the competent guidance of specialized agronomists.

The olive harvest is carried out at the beginning of veraison, when, during the process of maturation of the fruit, the skin begins to change color and the fruit reaches the maximum concentration of the elements that determine the extra virgin olive oil sensory characteristics and nutritional benefits.

The resulting extra virgin olive oil expresses all the richness and intensity of its fruitiness, which together with spiciness and bitterness, give it its full and complex flavour that remains well constant for a longer time.

The grinding of the olives, is strictly controlled by hand, and oil extraction is performed within few hours after harvest, 

in our modern olive oil mill located on the Olive Farm, preventing the contamination of the product with the external environment and temperature is constantly kept under 25°C during all phases of the process, to preserve and protect those precious chemical and physical characteristics that give the extra virgin olive oil its nutritional qualities and health benefits.

The nectar extracted is immediately filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks in the absence of oxygen, using a proper storage system with controlled atmosphere and temperature, where the product is sealed hermetically until bottling.

Each production lot is subsequently submitted to the process and product certifications, subjected to chemical analysis in specialized laboratories and to sensory analysis performed by qualified tasting panels.

Single varietal extra virgin olive oil of great complexity, extracted solely from Drizzàr olives, the main indigenous cultivar of Lake Garda. Medium to intense fruitiness, enveloping and with a noble structure, characterized by substantial and persistent pungency.

Blend, certified GARDA D.O.P. – Protected Designation of Origin – extracted solely from varieties present on Lake Garda. Medium fruity, with perfectly balanced bitter and pungent components and a pleasing, delicate note of almond, typical of the Garda cultivars.

Blend of Italian and indigenous varieties produced entirely by the Olive Farm.

Lightly fruity, delicate and fresh, an elegant oil for all uses.